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Products & Services

We work on innovative design solutions for each project. The depth and experience of our design team encompass all critical electronic design specialties. We specialize in bringing new or improved products to diversified markets every day. We strive to become partners to each one of our customers through loyalty, honesty, and integrity.

Assembly - Electronic/Electro-Mechanical/Mechanical
No matter what the industry, we can meet all assembly requirements. Our multi-skilled staff takes pride in consistently producing the highest quality products. From simple box builds to complicated RF Chassis our staff will develop work instructions to efficiently assemble any of your products and designs.

We work up-front with you to understand all of your test requirements. We partner with all of our customers to develop economical test solutions that ensure all requirements are met using the highest quality standards.

While working with our design partners our goal is to maintain a system of checks and balances. Whether we are designing a simple industrial control or a detailed PCB device our project management team utilizes the latest high tech equipment to support your needs.

  • PCB Design & Layout
  • 8-32 Bit Microprocessors
  • CPLD & SPGA Design
  • Schematic Capture

Let us kit your complete BOM. We offer turnkey solutions for all of your kitting requirements. Whether your kits are mechanical in nature or electronic static sensitive devices we are your solution.

We offer customized packaging and shipping directly to you or your customer's doorsteps.

Printed Circuit Boards - We offer design, fabrication, assembly and test.
         •   Surface mount, through hole and mixed technology
         •   Solder certified technicians
         •   PCB fabrication
         •   Fine pitch work
         •   Prototype or production runs
         •   Double sided placement

Rework Capabilities
         •   ECO Implementation
         •   Cuts and jumps
         •   Disassembly and reassembly

Box Builds/Chassis/Enclosures
We will work from your drawings and provide you with a complete package for all of your specifications.

Box Builds, Chasis, Enclosures by Just In Time
  • Complete mechanical and electrical assembly
  • Integration of all sub-assemblies into metal or plastic housing
  • Sheet metal fabricated to your specific design
  • Final test to customer specification
  • Point to point fabrication and test

Cables and Jumpers
Whether it is a simple ground strap or a complex military cable we have a better solution to all of your cabling needs.

Military Cables
Coaxial Cables
RF Cables
Multi Conductor Cables
Patch Cables
RJ45 & RJ11
Ribbon Cables
Ground Straps
DIN Cables
Custom Cables
Cables & Jumpers
  • Proto-type and production cable assembly
  • Solder or crimp terminations
  • Coax stripping and multi-conductor cable processing
  • All assemblies built to IPC-620 class 2 or 3 specifications
  • Multiple cabling from 32 AWG to 18 AWG
  • Potting
  • Waterproof cable assembly
  • Plenum cable assembly
Just In Time Cables

Wire Harnesses
From simple jumper wires to complete multi-wire harnesses, we have the experience and expertise to satisfy all of your custom wire harness requirements.

  • Harnesses built and tailored to your requirements and specifications
  • Experienced multiple cable and wire combinations for diverse applications
  • Quick turnaround

Racks and Consoles
We offer complete rack and console integration from single racks or consoles to full system integration.

Racks & Consoles by Just In Time
  • Assemblers and Technicians experienced in electrical & mechanical layout to maximize efficiency and aesthetics
  • Complete cabinet integration configured to your specifications


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